Chapter Business

This is where we post the minutes from our last chapter meetings.

Monthly Meeting

Capital City Council of the Blind

January 27, 2018


 Meeting was called to order at 12:27 PM on Sat. January 27.  In attendance were:

Dan Lovell

James Jablonski

Zandra Brown

Howard Ferguson

Derek Kengerski

Dixie Gardner

Richard Orr

Diane Young

Shannon Murphy

Virgil Vasquez

Barbara Sainitzer

Anna Dirk

Alan Bentson

Viola Bentson

Terry Atwater

Kathy Matson

Dan Matson

Gloria Walling


Acknowledgements. Barbara Sainitzer and Virgil Vasquez announced their engagement. Birthdays in January included: Terry Atwater, Julie Lynch, Denise Colley, Eric, Richard Orr, Zandra Brown, and Viola’s Mom. Gloria and Kathy Mattson had Birthdays in December, Alan and Viola celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary in December.


Minutes. Moved by Zandra and seconded by Viola that minutes be approved a submitted to the website.  Motion carried.


TREASURER'S REPORT.  Total in checking as of December 14, 2017, was $795.18 and the total savings account balance for the same date was $6,553.04. Detailed reports for the past three months were submitted via e-mail.   Viola moved and Terry seconded that Treasurer's Report be approved as submitted and the motion carried.  President Walling reminded us that dues need to be paid by the end of the meeting.


PEDESTRIAN COMMITTEE.  Zandra reminded us about proposed roundabout by Morris Merriman Park she mentioned last meeting.  Howard said there is another roundabout at Trosper Road and Capital Boulevard proposed for Tumwater.


CHRISTMAS PARTY.  Everybody liked it, there was a great turnout.  Food, help and room layout were all improved. President Walling said it wouldn't be too early to start thinking about and making arrangements for a place to have next year's event.     


STATE CONVENTION. Already discussed at last meeting.  Next year's convention will be in Vancouver, unless hotel proves to be too expensive. 


NEW BUSINESS.  Dan and Derek suggested the need to work up new fundraising ideas in addition to the candy sale. President Walling asked them to get with the fundraising committee and put together a proposal for a future meeting.  She will be sending out a list of committees and their members before the next meeting.  Howard said it would be time to reserve our spot for the picnic in August. 

Dan asked if there was anything he needed to be doing for tax purposes, President Walling said that was the province of the executive Committee. 


RAFFLE.   We raised $35, $17.50 for the chapter and $17.50 for the winner, Dan Lovell.


Adjourn.  President Walling reminded us that the next meeting would be Sat. Feb. 24.  Adjournment moved by Alan, seconded by Shannon, motion carried, meeting adjourned at 12:50 P.M. 


Respectfully submitted,

Alan Bentson, Secretary