Chapter Fundraising

The Capital City Council of the Blind is a Washington State nonprofit corporation committed to the belief that blind and partially sighted persons can lead productive lives and contribute to society with independence and dignity. Towards this goal we have chosen to contribute half of our yearly candy sale proceeds to the WCB Scholarship fund for blind or visually impaired students. In the past 13 years the WCB has granted over $200,000 in scholarships to deserving students. Individually, and as a group, we strive to increase awareness about blindness and our fundraising events give us the opportunity to promote our goals and increase our visibility in the community.


Our financial support comes mostly from our fundraising efforts. The money we raise helps to pay for our annual summer picnic and Christmas party where we invite our families, friends, neighbors and the community at large to join us for fun, food and friendship. Our chapter's website also enhances our community presence and fundraising pays our hosting and domain registration fees. Of course, a portion of the money we raise pays for the cost of the events and for general expenses such as office supplies. 

Candy Sales
For the past several years our chapter has sold assorted See's Candy® chocolate bars as a fundraiser. We want to thank Ralph's Thriftway, Bayview Thriftway, and Lacey Fred Meyer for giving us a venue for our fundraising.

Tee Shirt Sales

We sell tee shirts embossed with the alphabet in print, braille, and American sign language.

Sponsored Meals at Local Restaurants

We will be coordinating with popular select local restaurants to organize specific times for serving meals to patrons. 

Other events posted here soon!

Our fundraising committee is working to coordinate other fundraiser events soon.